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Expert pool designers in Northern Beaches

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Do you want to create a beautiful and unique pool in your backyard?
Aqua Pool Builders Northern Beaches are the experts in custom pool design. Our team has years of experience designing luxury pools that blend seamlessly into the surroundings, creating incredible outdoor spaces. We can bring any vision to life with our cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials.
Imagine having a stunning oasis only steps away from your home – an outdoor escape where you can relax and enjoy time with family and friends all summer. We specialise in turning dreams into reality, helping transform backyards everywhere into luxurious private resorts.
Contact us today for more information about how we can help make your dream pool come true!


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    Why a Pool Design is Important

    Pool design refers to creating a pool that meets your needs and fits the overall aesthetic of your landscape. Designing a pool before you begin the actual construction is essential for the following reasons;
    – It will give you a clear idea of how the end product will look
    – It helps ensure the pool is safe and complies with local codes and regulations.
    – It allows us to customise your design with features like waterfalls, sun shelves, beach entries, vanishing edges, and more.
    When selecting the size, there are a few factors to consider the size of your yard or patio area, how many people will use it at one time, and the types of activities that you plan to do in the pool
    At Aqua Pool Builders Northern Beaches, we precisely measure your available space and help you select the correct size pool for your needs.

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    Selecting the Perfect Pool Shape

    The shape of your pool depends on aesthetics and functionality. Here are some of the most popular pool shapes:
    Rectangle – Rectangular pools are often used in backyard settings, offering maximum swimming space while taking up minimal yard space.
    Lap Pool – Lap pools are designed for exercise, with straight walls and a minimum depth of 4 feet for safety.
    Kidney – Kidney-shaped pools are ideal for small backyards, as they fit snugly into an area while still offering a large swimming area.
    Freeform – Freeform pools come in all shapes and sizes and provide plenty of creative options for pool designs.

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    Incorporating Decorative Features into Your Design

    Pool designing will also incorporate decorative features to create a unique look that stands out from other pools. These features include anything from waterfall walls, LED lighting, stone accents, slides, and more.
    We are dedicated to creating breathtaking designs that will make your pool stand out from the crowd. Our team is experienced in designing beautiful outdoor spaces with cutting-edge materials and innovative ideas.
    We boast a creative team of pool builders who listen to your ideas and provide custom solutions that meet your needs.

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    Utilising Deck and Patio Designs to Enhance Aesthetics

    Decks are a common addition to any outdoor pool area. They provide a space to relax and entertain while giving your backyard an extra sophistication.
    The type of deck you choose will depend on the pool size, available space, and other factors. We offer a variety of high-quality materials that can be used for decks or patios.
    Patios can also be added to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space. We offer a wide selection of materials that will match the style of your home while adding visual interest to the area.

    Ensuring Safety with Proper Fencing and Lighting Solutions

    Safety is a primary concern when designing pools. We adhere to all relevant safety codes and pool fencing and lighting solutions regulations.
    Fencing is required by law in many areas and provides a barrier between the pool and your home or other surrounding properties. Proper fencing can also help keep pets and children out of the area while providing added security for your family.
    Lighting can illuminate the pool area and provide a safer environment for night swimming. It can also create an inviting atmosphere and enhance your space’s overall look.

    Why Choose Us for Your Pool Designs?

    Are you keen to upgrade your backyard with a unique and stylish swimming pool?
    Aqua Pool Builders Northern Beaches provide superior quality craft backed by experience. Our team of highly skilled professionals can design a beautiful pool that blends seamlessly into the natural landscape of your outdoor area.
    Get the perfect environment for fun and relaxation in your backyard! Give yourself somewhere special to entertain family and friends or for private moments alone – all while adding value to your property. With our tailored package options, you’ll be sure to find what you need without breaking the bank.
    Contact us today for an obligation-free quote from Aqua Pool Builders Northern Beaches! Let us help create the perfect pool design that meets all of your needs as well as meets industry standards on construction safety.


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