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Do you want to upgrade your backyard with the perfect plunge pool?
At Aqua Pool Builders Northern Beaches, we know exactly what it takes to build a custom-designed plunge pool that will fit perfectly in any space. We have years of experience designing these types of pools and can recommend the best options for family fun or relaxation purposes.
Our plunge pools are designed with high-grade materials, so they won’t only look great but also last longer. We ensure each one is built with precision and care, offering optimal functionality so that every dip is an absolute pleasure. Plus, our attention to detail ensures a luxurious atmosphere where all your guests can enjoy time spent at home in luxury!
Get in touch today to talk with us about your custom-designed plunge pool!


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    What is a plunge pool, and why are they becoming more popular in modern homes

    A plunge pool is a small pool designed for cooling off or relaxing. It’s usually much smaller than a standard swimming pool and can be installed in tight spaces like narrow backyards or courtyards. Plunge pools are gaining popularity due to their versatility, ease of installation and minimal maintenance required, which makes them ideal for busy lifestyles.
    Not only do they provide the perfect place for cooling off on hot days, but they can also be used as a relaxing retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So if you want to upgrade your outdoor living space, a plunge pool is worth considering!

    round plunge pool

    Pros and cons of installing a plunge pool

    The pros;
    • They’re great for small spaces and low maintenance
    • Plunge pools, such as aquatic physiotherapy, can be used for physical therapy treatments
    • Can be installed quickly and with minimal disruption to your property
    • Great for cooling off in hot summer months
    • Aesthetically pleasing and can add value to your home.
    • Not ideal for swimming laps or playing games due to their smaller size
    • Initial installation cost is usually higher than a standard pool
    • Can be expensive to heat in winter months.

    couple in a plunge pool at a resort

    Design considerations when selecting a plunge pool for your home

    Here are some things to consider when selecting the perfect plunge pool for your home:
    • Size – The size of your plunge pool will depend on how much room you have in your outdoor area.
    • Shape – Plunge pools come in different shapes and sizes, from circular to rectangular. Consider which shape will best fit your space before making your decision.
    • Materials – You’ll need to choose suitable materials for your plunge pool design, such as fibreglass or concrete. This is something our team can help you with.
    • Style – Whether you want a luxurious design or something more modern, our experienced team can create the perfect plunge pool to suit your style.

    plunge pool with timber pool deck

    Different types of materials are used for constructing a plunge pool

    The following materials are typically used for plunge pool construction:
    • Fibreglass – Fibreglass is a popular material for constructing plunge pools, as it’s lightweight and can be installed quickly. It’s also easy to maintain and resistant to rust and other forms of damage.
    • Concrete – Concrete is another common material used for plunge pool construction, as it’s strong and durable.
    • Vinyl – Vinyl is excellent for plunge pools due to its durability and water resistance. It also comes in different colours and finishes, so you can choose something that matches your style.

    Appropriate water temperature settings for a plunge pool

    Water temperatures are a huge factor to consider when constructing a plunge pool. As it’s mainly used for cooling off, the temperature should be lower than a regular swimming pool. The optimal temperature is usually between 18-25 degrees Celsius, with 23 degrees ideal for most people.
    To ensure you’re getting the best out of your plunge pool, have an experienced team install and maintain it. We factor in all the necessary elements, such as water temperature and materials, to ensure your plunge pool will remain functional and enjoyable for years.

    Contact Aqua Pool Builders Sydney Today!

    Are you looking to add value and luxury to your backyard?
    Transform your space with a plunge pool from Aqua Pool Builders Northern Beaches. Our pools offer an excellent way to escape the heat in style without blowing out the budget. We use only premium materials for strength, durability, aesthetics, and energy efficiency – so you can enjoy the perfect soak or party with friends all year round.
    With state-of-the-art technology and a luxurious range of finishes available, your plunge pool will be as unique as you are! From outdoor showers to hot tubs and swim spas – we’ve got something for every lifestyle. Create a private retreat with everything at arm’s reach right outside your door – making summer days even better!
    Visit our website now to view our full selection of plunge pools in Sydney’s North Coast today! Make this summer one unforgettable experience by adding a new level of luxury to your backyard oasis. Contact us now for a no-obligation quote on installation services!


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