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The Leading Concrete Pool builders in Hobart

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Do you want to make your backyard the perfect oasis?
Aqua Pool Builders Northern Beaches specializes in building custom, quality concrete pools designed to last. We can design and construct a unique pool for your outdoor space — an infinity edge or lap pool, a plunge pool or even water features such as caves and grottos.
With our custom designs, we guarantee that no two pools look alike. It’s time to turn your backyard into the paradise you’ve always wanted so you can experience luxurious living right at home!
Call us today and start making your dream oasis come true — let Aqua Pool Builders Northern Beaches show you what is possible!


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    Advantages of Concrete Pool Construction

    • Durability – Concrete pools are incredibly durable and can last years with minimal maintenance.
    Design Options – With concrete pools, you can choose from various designs, including plunge pools, lap pools, infinity edge pools and more!
    • Customisation – You can customise your pool’s design, shape and size however you’d like.
    • Cost Effective – Concrete pools are more cost-effective than other materials such as fibreglass or vinyl.

    large concrete pool

    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Concrete Pool Builder

    • Experience – We recommend choosing a pool builder with years of experience and a good reputation for quality craft.
    • Cost – Ask the pool builder for an estimated cost so you can budget accordingly.
    • Quality – Check out the quality of their past projects to ensure that your concrete pool will stand the test of time.
    • Safety – Ensure your pool builder follows all safety practices and guidelines when constructing your concrete pool.

    plunge pool made of concrete

    Different Types of Pools that Can Be Constructed with Concrete

    • Lap Pools – Lap pools are ideal for swimming laps and exercising in small spaces. These pools can be constructed with concrete and are perfect for residential backyards.
    • Plunge Pools – Plunge pools are perfect for those with limited space and can be installed quickly, making them good options for those who want to enjoy a pool without needing too much space.
    • Infinity Edge Pools – Infinity edge pools provide a stunning visual effect by creating the illusion of being suspended mid-air.

    concrete pool under construction

    Design Options for Your Concrete Pool

    • Waterfalls and Grottos – Create a natural-looking waterfall or add rock formations with grottos to give your pool an extra touch of elegance.
    • Coloured Lighting – Add LED lighting in any colour to brighten up your pool area.
    • Heating Options – Add heating to your pool so you can enjoy it all year round.
    • Custom Shapes – Choose the perfect shape for your pool – from traditional rectangles to free-form designs.

    concrete pool with concrete landscaping by the pool

    Maintenance Tips for Caring for Your Concrete Pool

    Follow these tips to ensure your pool is always in top condition;
    • Clean the walls & floor – Use a brush and vacuum regularly to remove any dirt, debris or algae that may have built up on the surface of your concrete pool.
    • Check water chemistry – Test the pH levels of your pool water and check for any other impurities or contaminants.
    • Inspect and repair – Check the pool regularly for any cracks, chips or other damage and carry out necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

    Innovative Technologies and Materials Used in the Construction of Concrete Pools

    • Polymer Concrete – This material is resistant to deterioration, making it perfect for pool construction.
    • Steel Reinforcement – Steel reinforcement provides extra strength to the pool’s structure, which means it can withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy winds and rain.
    • Heat Shielding – Special heat-shielding materials can help keep your pool water warm, even during the coldest months.
    • Sustainable Materials – eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic and rubber can also be used to construct concrete pools for a more sustainable option.

    Get started with us today!

    Do you have an area of your backyard or garden begging to be transformed?
    We specialise in constructing concrete pools and spas at Aqua Pool Builders Northern Beaches. Our team is highly experienced and offers a variety of design options, from traditional shapes to unique designs tailored to the customer’s needs. We can build any size swimming pool or spa, whether it’s for one person or a whole family!
    With our expert construction service, your dream pool will quickly become a reality. And with our wide range of materials, including tile, stone, glass mosaic and more, you can create just the right look that will enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor space while also providing endless hours of family fun and relaxation.
    Contact us today by phone or email to start creating your perfect backyard oasis!


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